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 Date:  9 March 2001


Nabisco "Nutter Butter" product recalled from Whistlestop Stores UK-wide
-Undeclared GM corn and GM soya in US-manufactured product

Whistlestop Food & Wine, the convenience food store, today confirmed that they have recalled all packages of the Nabisco "Nutter Butter" biscuit product, after being informed that the product was incorrectly labelled for UK sale.

The product, produced in the USA, contains GM soya and GM maize. Under the UK Food Labelling (Amendment) Regulations, which came into effect on 19 September 1999, these GM ingredients must be labelled if present.

Nabisco US Customer Services have confirmed that the manufacturer does not distinguish between GM and non-GM ingredients in the production of this product. As the US soya crop is around 60% GM and the corn crop around 30% GM, it is extremely likely that this product contains GM soya and GM maize, which is not labelled.

This withdrawal follows an earlier recall by Whistlestop of "Jelly Belly" jellybean products, which were not correctly labelled with respect to content of GM maize.

Other US products sold by Whistlestop, whose GM status remains unknown, include :

* Hersheys - containing soya-based ingredients
* Jones Soda - containing corn syrup as an ingredient

Marcus Williamson, of, comments :  "I have told Whistlestop many times that they have allowed food containing incorrectly labelled GM soya and GM maize into the UK from
the USA. They have clearly not learned from their previous mistakes.

It is imperative that companies importing food from the USA abide by UK law with respect to the labelling of GM ingredients, where present."

For further information contact :

Marcus Williamson
E-mail :

Matthew Kent, Whistlestop/Belleview Ltd
Tel : 020 7630 7888
Fax : 020 7630 7880
E-mail :

Nabisco US Customer Services
Tel : +1-800-8NABNET


For information about the regulations which relate to declaration of
GM ingredients, where present, please see :

UK Food Labelling (Amendment) Regulations 1999

and the related regulations :

The Genetically Modified and Novel Foods (Labelling) (England) Regulations 2000

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