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Date:  15 March 2001

 - new briefing and conference

The second briefing in the new GeneWatch UK briefing series "Biological Weapons and Genetic Technologies" is now available. The series covers "how the advances in genetics may influence
the development of biological weapons. Although biological weapons are abhorred by most people, genetic engineering and other genetic technologies, coupled with other technological advances, could make them more ‘attractive’ to the military."

The first two briefings in the series can be downloaded as pdf files (for Acrobat) from:
Briefing 1: Biological Weapons and the New Genetics
Briefing 2: Biological Weapons and the New Genetics: The Need for Verification
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Biological Weapons and the New Genetics - Avoiding the Threat
Conference - Friday May 18th, 2001 10.00a.m. - 4.30p.m.
Six speakers including Jan von Aken of the Sunshine Project
Cost: £10 (£5:00 unwaged)
early booking advisable:
For more info and reservations contact:


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