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SIR JOHN KREBS - caption competition

Does Sir John Krebs get YOU going?

If so, here's your chance to relieve yourself...

captions please!

Just what, as he squats, is bullsh*t specialist Sir John Krebs thinking (or saying through clenched teeth) ?

The best captions will be displayed here.

(Example caption below based on a suggestion by Jean DeBris)

Sir John Kraps

"That's odd... it usually comes out of my mouth."

Some of the entries to date:

"Krebs returns to nature ... 'What's all this green stuff?' asks Food Standards guru."

"Even the birds won't listen to Krebs ... 'He's a great warbling tit', says sparrow."

"Those pesky anti-GM campaigners won't find me in here!" 

"The first horizontal gene transfer experiment between humans and trees goes horribly wrong."

"Persistent grower, immune to criticism ... Monsanto presents, Roundup Ready Krebs"

"Bold new direction in GM research ... a plant that's scared of growing in manure"

"Here I crouch,
Lying low,
Far away from my anti-GM foe.
Shhh. ...but what's that sound I hear?
"OK Krebs. The games up. YOUR IT"

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Some useful background information about Sir John

In order to achieve its agenda of persuading us all that "There is no evidence that GM-food is harmful", the OECD organised a series of conferences, the most important of which was held in Edinburgh, Feb. 29 - March 2, 2000. Only one critical food scientist was invited to Edinburgh, Dr Aarpad Pusztai. Pusztai's conclusion on the conference was damning, "To most impartial observers and participants and certainly to me it appeared to be more of a propaganda forum for airing the views and promoting the interest of the GM biotechnology industry." - see Watching Dr Pusztai

The man the OECD invited to chair this charade was Sir John Krebs, the pro-GM zoologist bizarrely appointed to head the UK's Food Standards Agency which was set up to represent the interests of the consumer. The FSA has been billed as a "force for change". In fact, it's business as usual! The FSA takes its advice on GM foods from exactly the same people (ACNFP) as the UK government did previously. The FSA's complete failure to re-examine the safety of GM foods, while making much of the labelling issue, confirms that its mission under Krebs is not so much as 'a force for change' as a source of spin!

Curiously, although showing no interest in further investigating the safety of GM foods, about which there is a high level of public concern, Sir John has used his position as head of the agency to get the FSA to focus on organic food, which is highly popular with consumers. Sir John's critical views on organic food have been described by his Irish counterpart, the Chief Executive of the Irish Food Safety Agency, as "extreme". (The Irish Times, 5th September 2000)

"As a historic supporter of GM foods Sir John Krebs continues not to represent the wishes of the British consumer, who have made it clear that they reject chemical farming and GM food, due to the growing evidence of environmental and health impacts of this type of food production," says Harry Hadaway of the UK's Soil Association. The Soil Association has criticised Sir John for failing to either inform himself or be properly objective in the on-going food debate.

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Prof. Joe Cummins

"Sir John Krebs is a famous bird brain"

... Sir John Krebs  head of the  British Food Standards Agency [has] attacked organic agriculture as a fad. Sir John's attack was modeled after the leadership of Alex Avery in the United States.

It was noted that Sir John was a surprise choice for head of the Food Standards Agency. Actually, Sir John  was Professor of Bird Behavior at Oxford.  The selection committee was deeply impressed by his research showing that  the brains of birds grow after those birds stored food. The selection committee felt much smarter after packing their pantries and kitchen cabinets with nuts and berries.

Sir John's strong point turned out to be establishing pecking orders. For example,  at the Edinburgh Meeting on Genetically Modified Foods Sir John invited Dr Arpad Pusztai  as the sole spokesperson opposing genetically modified (GM) foods then surrounded him with a flock of fluttering twits all criticizing  the good doctor and opposition to GM foods. It seems clear that Sir John  identifies himself with his research subjects and who has ever heard of  fair play among the fowl?

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Professor Bullsh*t