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from Prof Bullsh*t and his Smoking Pantaloons!

Professor B. has always had an eye for the very best in fairytales and who better to present them than some of the greatest
pantomime artistes of the Commedia dell'Spin - the multi-award-winning Smoking Pantaloons!

please wait for the SMOULDERING PANTOCRATS to load - hot stuff!!

Sir John Smoking-Trousers, now appearing in 
"Catching Krebs"

Prof Philip Stott, star of the ever popular 
"Stott's Rot"

Dr Phil Dale, now appearing in 
"A big bag of no. 2"

Prof Chris Lamb, principal boy in 
"The Breeding of Giant Porkies"

Prof Wilspin, Panticulture Research International's famous Ugly Spin-ster 

Others playing the pantaloons: Aventis Crap Science and the European Smoke and (stuff the) Environment Forum

The GM PANTOCRACY are enjoying a blaze of publicity!


"No need for a yule-log with this quick-fire repartee."
- The Stage

"A right load of flaming puddings!"
- Sydney Morning Herald

"Pantomime villains aren't just for Christmas with the Smoking Pantaloons."
- Daily Mail

"I just found it, well, you know, kind of breathtaking!"
- Tony Blair

"A bravura performance despite an audience hell bent on extinguishing all reason."
- Andura Spinacek, London correspondent of AgLie'oView

"Left me in a total spin. "
- Dr Nigel Halftruth, editor Science and Public Perceptions

"We couldn't get out of the theatre fast enough!"
- Jean de Bris, Pants on Fire Brigade Quarterly

for any Jacks who like a corporate giant or two to spice up their Christmas panto


Prof Sassipants Prakash in "Monsanto, Mon Amour"
Prof Tony Trewavas FRS in "Man of Letters"
Prof Vivian Moses in "100% Bought and Paid For?"

'Hot Pants!' by John 'Blowtorch' Miller

The prize is right 
Tom Wakeford picks a deserving winner of the Pants on Fire award 
Education Guardian 
Friday July 27, 2001 

I have just submitted a nomination for a special prize. It is open to academic, government or corporate scientists and has been presented every month for the last couple of years. 

The Pants On Fire award is the prize offered for scientists' services to lying and deception by Professor Bullsh*t, a friendly bloke in a white coat who works in a virtual laboratory on the web. 

The virtual professor lives on an award-winning website run by the Norfolk Genetic Information Network....                         read on 

Professor Bullsh*t
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