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3 July 2002


Well done to everyone who has been working on this and thanks too to Blair and Krebs for their continuing support of the consumer's interests.
Subject: GM-ACT: GM LABELS - WE WON!!!!!!
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 12:31:07 +0100
From: Adrian Bebb <>
Organization: Friends of the Earth
To: gm-action <>

Well done everybody - we did it.

MEPs have voted for full traceability and labelling of GM foods and feeds.

We have got traceability but it was very close - 244 votes to 238. (FOE Austria changed 7 conservatives this week - this made the difference)

Unauthorised GMO's was rejected

The threshold is now 0.5% with a clause to review it and lower it.

GMO-free label rejected

animal products eg milk - we lost this by 3 votes - 258 to 255

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