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4 November 2001


IATP's "biotech-activists" list has for some time been plagued by numerous pro-GE postings, sometimes in the form of fake articles etc, often sent anonymously from the adde "". The following on the Aussie CSIRO scientist behind "realkids", and his various other enthusiasms, was posted to "biotech-activists" by Andy Zimmerman in repsonse to a complaint from another subscriber, Robert Anderson.

Interestingly, posters of dodgy pro-GE pieces to the "biotech-activists" list seem to hunt in pairs and it is widely rumoured that realkids' other half in this regard, an Alice Webster, is also based in Oz. Alice, it is said, is none other than extreme GE enthusiast and Australian biotech regulator(!), Dr Rick Roush of the University of Adelaide. Exactly why Dr Roush should prefer to sign his e-mails "Alice" is not entirely clear.

NGIN subscribers may also remember how a little while back another CSIRO scientist and GE enthusiast, Dr Malcolm Livingstone, became extremely exercised in response to a passing reference made by Devinder Sharma to the US's ever burgeoning pornography industry. Dr Livingstone's heated response was, "I couldn't give a rat's arse whether you like pornography or not... America doesn't have pornography they have free speech."

Is there a pattern here? I think we should be told.


originated:  Andy Zimmerman <>

Dear Dr. Anderson,

Here is some info about the anonymous poster to this list who uses the address

This individual is:
Dr Roger Morton 02 6246 5069 (ph)
CSIRO Plant Industry 02 6246 5000 (fax)
GPO Box 1600

although for some reason he is not listed on the CSIRO web site.

He is a staunch supporter of agricultural biotechnology:

He is also a staunch supporter of pornography:

His site links to this porno site:

and features this charming animation:

His hobby is making and editing videos of small children:

If you would like to send Dr. Morton a video of your child, you may reach him at: or on
02 62784202

Send tapes to:
C/- Roger Morton
44 Chubb St
Latham ACT 2615

Hope this helps!

Andy Zimmerman

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