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Date:  13 November 2000


Thanks to Ingo from Norfolk Green Party for this. It relates to sessions at the House of Commons organised by (for?) the Select Committee on Science and Technology.  Ingo thought the following, which came via Jean Lambert MEP's office, might be of interest to others on the ngin list with a specialist interest.

If you wish to go, probably best to get in touch with Ingo initially <>

Worrying, by the way, to see CropGen's Guy Poppy holding forth all by himself, but given the output of this committee and the track record of the committee's chairman Michael Clarke, a pro-GMer who expressed no concern when told the background of the food-industry funded SIRC whose initiative to control media reporting of science he had joined, no great surprise!

For more on the initiative see:

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As a member of the Parliamentary and Scientific Cttee Jean receives invites to lectures run by them and their members.  Jean cannot attend the upcoming lectures, but if they are of interest to
anyone else, call me and I will arrange for you to go,(all take place in Westminster)

Mon 20 Nov, 4.15pm, 'GM Cotton Crops in China',
 Dr Poppy of Institute of Arable Crops Research (led a delegation to China toinvestigate... sounds pro-GM)

Mon 20 Nov, 5.30pm, 'Chemicals in the Environment',
PhDs from British Geolog Soc, Zeneca and Royal Soc Chemistry, responsibilities, risk, precautionary principle...

Mon 27 Nov, 5.30pm, 'The Science White Paper',
Lord Sainsbury,paper published Summer, excellence, opps, consumer confidence

Mon 11 Dec, 5.30pm, 'The Use of Animals in Scientific Experiments',
2 professors, pro and anti, responsible use of,benefits, alternatives

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