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11 March 2003


ACTION ON BRAZIL - counter the campaign of pressure. e-mail addes and fax numbers below.


Action on Brazil

from Angela Cordeiro via Pernilla Malmer:

Dear friends,
The battle om GMO in Brazil goes on. Here follows a request for urgent support from our friends over there.
Pernilla Malmer
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Dear friends,

Lula, Brazilian President, is getting lot of pressure to release GMOs. Monsanto President is coming from US to lobby personally. Today Lula has a meeting with the main Ministers to decide "politically" the issue. A final decision will be taken [by] March 20. So, manifestation from abroad are welcome. Brazilian campaigners will certainly thanks any Fax NGOs and POs can send to the Ministers bellow showing that there is no interest [in buying] GMO food.

Thank you for your support and your help to spread this information through your network.

- Min. Civil House - José Dirceu - fax:(55-61) 321-1461 - (He is the Chair of the Ministerial Commission that will decide about the issue)

- Min. of Agriculture - Mr. Roberto Rodrigues - fax: (55-61) 225-9046 -

- Min. of Environment - Ms.Marina Silva - fax: (55-61) 322-8469 -


Angela Cordeiro.



Click here to send a letter of support to the countries currently opposing a war in Iraq (France, Germany, Russia, China, and Syria):

Click here to send a letter of opposition to the countries currently supporting a war in Iraq (US, UK, Spain and Bulgaria):

Click here to send a letter to the "middle six" countries currently being lobbied by each side (Mexico, Cameroon, Guinea, Angola, Chile, and Pakistan):
When the war in Iraq begins, the nightmare is that the Turks, Kurds, Iraqis and Americans will all end up fighting over the oil fields of Kirkuk or Mosul.

"the White House... never notices the seething complexities into which we are about to embed are young men and young women".

"Oh lord, won't you give me the oil in I-raq
My friends all drive chevvies, but I've taken mine back
There ain't enough crude for that old caddilac
So lord won't you give me the Oil in I-raq"

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