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Date:  15 November 2000


If anyone has time to go to the link below and read and post your views please do, as Prakash is advising all the GM zealots on the AgBioView list to do so - see below.  The pro-article is by Elizabeth Whelan of the infamous corporate funded ACSH.

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Check the website for a counter-piece against the GM food as I reproduce the pro-GM food article below.  There is also a forum on the subject at this site.  The opposing article has many sweeping statements and gross distorsion of truth. I
suggest you read the article on the site and let your voice be heard on the issue at the forum,
CSP [Prakash]

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[from AVENTIS TO SELL Wednesday Nov 15 (Reuters)]

Aventis may find it tough to get a good price for the business, with the sentiment towards the sector soured by slack demand from a depressed farm sector and mounting public concerns about genetically modified (GM) produce.

The GM row was reignited by the recent discovery of StarLink corn, approved for animal feed, in consumer foods in the U.S., sparking worries about possible allergic reactions and leaving Aventis vulnerable to liability claims.

Syngenta's debut has not been auspicious. The stock floated on Monday but fell below an already low the issue price, reflecting widespread selling by fund managers.


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