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Date:  17 November 2000


Monsanto says segregation is not problem - in fact, guaranteed!

Apart from the fact that the industry is trying to trash any and every testing lab used by groups concerned about GM, the most interesting thing here is the last 2 answers which outline in great detail the efforts being taken by Monsanto  to ensure segregation.. apparently actually writing segregation into the technology use agreements signed by farmers).. what is astonishing is that this is the same Monsanto that only a short time ago insisted that segregation was physically and
logistically impossible - now they specify it as mandatory!

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From monsanto's website:  Roundup Ready Corn - Alleged Detection By FOE [shortened]


Q1:     What has happened?

A1:     A U.K.-based anti-biotech group has claimed they have detected traces of Roundup Ready corn and DEKALB's Bt-Xtra corn in tortilla chips in the United Kingdom and Denmark. These results have not been validated by the food companies involved nor by regulatory agencies in these countries.

Q3:    In what products were Monsanto's GA21 and DBT418 events reported to be found?

A3:    Results reported by Friends of the Earth (FOE) allegedly identified the GA21 event in the     UK in Phileas Fogg tortilla chips and, ASDA and Safeway own label corn tortilla chips, and in the UK in the DBT418 event in Tesco and Sainsbury own label tortilla chips. The group also alleges that they have detected the GA21 event in Kim Zapatas brand tortilla chips in Denmark. It is   important to note that these are alleged results, and in some cases tests are said to have given contradictory results.

Q9:     What actions are being taken to ensure that this does not happen again?

A9:     Every Roundup Ready corn grower must sign a Technology Use Guide which outlines the channeling requirements for grain not yet approved in certain export markets. US farmers are fully aware of this programme, and it has proven to be a successful one over the past several years. In addition to the initial contract with growers signed before planting, Monsanto further ensures that all grain not yet approved in Europe is directed to the appropriate channels by a) checking that all seed bags have tags or stickers with the harvested grain advisory to target their use domestically and for markets others than those in the European Union, b) making multiple contacts throughout the year with our customers who planted channelled technologies - these contacts are made in person, by phone and by mail, to remind growers to direct these corn products for use domestically and outside the European Union), c) training  Monsanto's sales force and seed dealers/partners and encouraging them to have proactive discussions with seed buyers about the channelling requirements, and d) providing additional information through the Monsanto Customer Response Center (CRC) in the United States which is trained to espond to channelling inquiries through our US toll free number:  1-800-ROUNDUP.

Q10:    How can you feel confident that these measures will be effective?

A10:     Farmers who purchase Monsanto's commodity corn products pending full European approval are required under our license agreement to market the grain from these products domestically and to non-EU markets only. We have a comprehensive channelling stewardship program in place ... etc. etc.

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