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12 November 2001


forwarded by Dr Stuart Parkinson to the Scientists for Global Responsibility forum mailing list

Impartial advice?

A number of pro-biotech and "scientific sceptic" websites recommend as an "objective" source of "good" scientific information on biotechnology a site called FACSNET; "A Free Site for A Responsible Press"
As usual on such sites there is limited information about backers and funders, but a lot of protestations of independence, talk of outreach programmes in schools, etc.

So I rang their UK number (0207 344 1236, listed on
"Hello" said a helpful voice. "This is human resources". "Human resources for whom?" I asked. "Edelman Public Relations", the voice said. Edelman is the "largest independent public relations company in the world", and the fifth largest of any kind.

Corporate clients include Nabisco and Kraft, not to mention Microsoft and numerous other exciting megacorps.

V objective, I'm sure.

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