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Date:  17 November 2000


Earlier this week ngin posted Prof Joe Cummins' remarks suggesting there was raw bigotry in the biotech community:

Prof Cummins comments had been made in response to the prejudiced opinions and attacks he had read on Prakash's list so beloved by biotech supporters - 'AgBioView' ('ABiasedView' more like!)

That ngin mail got posted onto the Prakash list and we promptly received a message from a Prakash listee or two, including one from aussie biotechnician Malcolm Livingstone which, as mentioned previously, concluded:

"I once supported Greenpeace until it was taken over by zealots like you who have nothing better to do with your time than to blame everyone else for your own personal failings. Go get psychiatric help. The last thing the world needs now is more Nazis.[etc]"

Livingstone posted a toned down version of this message to the Prakash list which drew a further response:

From: "Gordon Couger" <>
Subject: Re: Are Pro-Biotech Scientists Bigots?

Unethical people will say or do any thing to get their point across.  Several years ago Greenpeace sank a ship killing a sailor and defended it as it was necessary to stop the whaling. These are amoral people that are using religious methods to use well meaning people to do their dirty
work. Some may even be so deluded that they believe it them selves.

Gordon Couger Stillwater, OK

*  *  *
Needless to say Couger's claim is totally untrue. Nothing like this ever happened - although a Greenpeace volunteer was murdered by the French state when their agents bombed the Rainbow Warrior. We understand that Greenpeace are to demand a retraction from Couger.

On Couger's website can be found a personal profile. Couger, now retired, was at one time a Senior Software Specialist for the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department of Oklahoma State University.  Under 'education' Couger states (we kid you not!), "I am  very


Insane accusations against Greenpeace and others (such as murder!!!) are, of course, hardly unknown from the biotech supporters.

Earlier this week we reported on The Center for Food & Agricultural Research (CFFAR) - - which states on its website that Greenpeace has been involved in "campaigns of terrorism"  including Greenpeace activists comandeering tractors and crashing through fences in pursuit of UK farmers' families!  "What about the farmers who took
care of the test sites?," CFFAR asks, "Are they also a "biological hazard"  to be trampled upon and left on the ground in plastic bags?"

We first came across reference to the CFFAR site after it was recommended as an information source on the Prakash list.

But then, as Gordon says, "Unethical people will say or do any thing to get their point across".


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