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Date:  21 November 2000


FAST  FOOD  GIANT  BANS  GM  FEED -  Emma Hibbs, PA News 19 Nov 2000
Fast food chain McDonald’s today announced it will not use meat reared on genetically modified feed. The decision is in response to public concerns and fears about the safety of the so-called ‘frankenstein’ foods.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “McDonald’s in the UK has taken the decision to move away from the use of animal feed containing genetically modified ingredients. “We have therefore requested that our suppliers seek non-GM sources of feed.

“Our chicken supplier already uses feed containing soya meal of Brazilian origin, which is principally non-GM. “We are continuing to work with our suppliers of beef, pork, eggs and dairy products to identify sources of non-GM animal feed, although sustainability remains a concern.”

She added: “We are listening to concerns expressed by consumers seeking reassurances about the safety of food produced in this way. “And we will continue to monitor public opinion and scientific developments.”

The US burger giant made a stand during the height of the BSE crisis by taking British beef off the menu. Greenpeace spokesman Charlie Kronick said: “This is yet another nail in the coffin for GM in the UK and the rest of Europe.

“Where McDonald’s leads other companies are certainly going to follow. “And it’s really just time that governments and companies wake up to the fact that consumers are not interested in it, don’t want to buy it and no-one needs it.”


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