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18 April


Subject BT Cotton burnt on Holi
Press Release
Dated 28 March 2002
Ref. 103/PN/03

BT Cotton burnt on Holi eve by Farmers

On the eve of Holi Festival on 28 March, 2002 hazardous seeds of BT cotton were burnt by farmers of village Sadalpur, District Hisar Haryana, India. In this ritual children, aged villagers and young farmers were present.

Burning of Holi is an ancient ritual which reminds us of burning of Holika the sister of Pralahad, who was son of Hiranayakashyap, the ancient king who did not feared God and felt that he was himself God and whatever he did was right and he even killed the devotees of God. Prahalad, being a devotee of God Vishnu, was burnt, on the orders of his father. He survived the fire, but his sister Holika died, though he was sitting on the lap of his sister.

One of the farmer of village, Mr Ram Sing Dharnia tied traditional cotton thread on wrists of the farmers present at the occasion and they promised him that they will protect farmers, country and nature from anti-nature seeds like that of BT cotton.

National coordinator of ECO-India, who was an invitee at the function, administered farmers the oath of boycotting the BT cotton and boycottong any person buying, selling and growing BT cotton. Farmers also signed the written oath and demand for banning the BT cotton. A signature campaign has been launched in the village by young farmers Rajesh Kumar, Anup, Suresh, Prem Kumar, Ram Singh, Dara Singh and Om Prakash.

Sudhir Kumar Kaura
Co-ordinator, ECO-India

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