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18 May 2002


AgBioWorld's tangled web begins to fray

Without Monsanto's PR company running the show for him, poor old CS Prakash is having to pass round the begging bowl - see below.

Prakash, in his first public reference to the controversy that has engulfed AgBioWorld, states, "Despite certain misinformation being spread around, AgBioWorld Foundation receives no corporate funding."

But then nobody said Monsanto's PR operatives were actually putting money into AgBioWorld's pocket - just designing the website, archiving the list, making it available off their server, providing critical content... (Curiously, pretty much all the things Prakash suddenly needs money to do!)

Nobody ever doubted that Prakash and his 'friends' (such as AgBioWorld's co-founders, the Competitive Enterprise Institute*) have been doing the rest.

For more on who's really behind AgBioWorld, and on the dirty tricks campaign it forms part of, see:

Monsanto's World Wide Web of Deceit (multiple items)

*Part of the Network
How CS Prakash and his AgBioWorld campaign are part of a network of pro-corporate extremists
Article first published in SPLICE, Vol. 7, Issue 6



Today in AgBioView: May 17, 2002
* How You Can Help AgBioView to Continue...


***  How Can You Help AgBioView to Continue ***

The AgBioWorld Foundation needs support from its AgBioView readers! Currently, we have just a couple of hundred dollars in the foundation which does not come close to covering the expenses towards AgBioView newsletter and our website  The lack of funds has also constrained me from getting the full archives back on-line at our Jumpline server and to make new additions to the website.  Because of AgBioWorld's incredible success, the number of people participating in the AgBioView dialog has increased substantially (nearly 3700 now).  Sending out the newsletter and maintaining the website involves considerable expense. Despite certain misinformation being spread around, AgBioWorld Foundation receives no corporate funding. I manage the site and the newsletter by myself and with occasional help from my students or a couple of friends.

May I thus urge you to please consider contributing to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. You can make a tax-deductible contribution using your credit card on our web site or by sending a check to: AgBioWorld Foundation, P. O. Box 85, Tuskegee Institute, AL 36087-0085, USA

As it my goal to continue to run AgBioWorld and its daily newsletter AgBioView primarily through contributions from individuals and philanthropic foundations, your support in any amount is greatly appreciated. Your tax-deductible donation will help continue AgBioWorld's success in effectively communicating science-based information about agricultural biotechnology issues around the world, especially the developing world where this technology is most needed.

Thank you,

C.S. Prakash
To pay by credit card, click on

You can also mail your checks to:
AgBioWorld Foundation
P.O. Box 85
Tuskegee Institute
Tuskegee AL 36087-0085, USA

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