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18 December 2002


As it's the season of goodwill, we're hoping this might be a good time to get out the begging bowl!

The NGIN/GM WATCH team has never resorted to a financial appeal before but we really do need your support with what we're trying to do.

Why we think you may like to support us:

Although there are a number of excellent GM lists and sites around, no one else does what we do in terms of researching behind the scenes globally on a broad range of issues relating to genetic engineering, and particularly on the GM lobby's use of hype, spin and deceit. Our research has given rise to items in media outlets around the world:

We have been a key player in getting the truth out about what's been happening from London to Manila, from Berkeley to Johannesburg, from India to Zambia. And we don't just dig the stories, we collaborate effectively with others to spread the news globally on a campaigning basis.

Anything you are able to contribute will help us not only to continue to deliver this campaigning news and research service but to continue to build it up.

Originally lauunched in spring '98, this has grown from a daily news bulletin service to a series of fully archived lists for subscribers who want their information in daily, weekly or monthly doses. We are also planning a fully searchable database website which will make still more accessible the content of our news and research output.

Does it work? Earlier this year Julian Morris the director of the group that organised 'THE FAKE PARADE' in Johannesburg claimed on BBC radio that NGIN had "poisoned the waters" for this technology. And we need to poison them!

We don't want to frighten the children but here's omeone else who's after your money - Prof CS Prakash who runs AgBioView - a service we exposed as having been midwifed by Monsanto's PR firm Bivings and sired by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Prakash is currently running an appeal to continue the kind of great work AgBioView did on the Mexican maize issue (ie run a viral marketing hate campaign against the researchers - as exposed by GM WATCH)


[EXTRACT] "* The AgBioWorld network has quickly mobilized scientific experts to add rational and informed participation and content to fast-breaking news and hot topics including the Monarch Butterfly and Mexican Maize media frenzies with such dramatic results as the disavowal by one prestigious scientific journal of published research demonstrated to be flawed."

How to contribute to NGIN's anti-viral marketing!

If you would like to make a bank transfer, please e-mail for details. Otherwise, please just print off the information below and send it with your cheque or International Money Order made out to 'NGIN' to this address:  NGIN, 26 Pottergate, Norwich, NR2 1DX, United Kingdom

I enclose a cheque for ___________



Please send a postal acknowledgement of this donation:  YES/NO

To save costs please acknowledge electronically only:   YES/NO


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