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Date:  6 December 2000


The following message has been sent to Gordon Couger and the Prakash list:
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Dear Gordon,

My name is Jim Thomas. I work for Greenpeace as a campaigner on GE food issues and it recently was brought to my attention that you had made the following allegation about Greenpeace: "Several years ago Greenpeace sank a ship killing a sailor and defended it as it was necessary to stop the whaling."

The allegation was made without any detail on a public list run by Proffessor Prakash of Tuskegee University called AgBioview. This allegation is untrue and I would ask you to retract it.

Although you may differ in your opinions from those of Greenpeace I would ask you to respect that peacefulness and absolute non-violence is at the core of everything we do - indeed it in our name. All of our activists undergo training in non-violence and we certainly do not sink ships or

Your allegation is somewhat more insulting since, by contrast, one of our ships has been sunk by a bomb (The Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour) and a much loved colleague was killed as a result. In over 28 years Greenpeace campaigners have also been shot at, rammed, hurt and
subject to various kinds of torture and harrassment and have always remained entirely non-violent.

Once again I would ask you to retract your allegation and inform the agbioview list that this was untrue. Although I am not on the list I would respectfully also ask the listmaster to publish this email for the list.

Yours sincerely

Jim Thomas - Greenpeace UK.
Your message:

From: "Gordon Couger" <>
Subject: Re:Are Pro-Biotech Scientists Bigots?

Unethical people will say or do any thing to get their point across. Several years ago Greenpeace sank a ship killing a sailor and defended it as it was necessary to stop the whaling. These are amoral people that are using religious methods to use well meaning people to do their dirty
work. Some may even be so deluded that they believe it them selves.

Gordon Couger Stillwater, OK

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