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Date:  8 December 2000


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Interestingly the fake FoE site was recently recommended on Prakash's list -  as previously was a site alleging greenpeace was involved in lab bombings, attacks on farmers and their families etc.etc.

Morton is an oz biotechnician

First, the fake site: Fiends of the Earth.
According to an Internet tracker (*), this Friends of the Earth faking site is hosted
by . Abuse address for this provider is

You can vigorously PROTEST there...

Second : the " troll ". A person using email address  <>
and who posted many times on the public list "Biotech Activists" emailed me personally,
using someone else's identity (he used Wytze name with minor orthographic changes!).

He could also have emailed ANYBODY, pretending to be someone else.

Anyone with some technical skill can easily track (*) him down and find where this "realkid" comes from : His I.P. (you can check by yourself on the list history at ) is :

I suggest you to compare this I.P.  with the one of Dr Roger Morton, from australian pro-GE organism  CSIRO. They are the same. Moreover, the IP seems to be fixed, so probably definitely
attached to Dr. Morton's computer.

I emailed CSIRO about this IDENTITY ABUSE, which is a crime, and had no response at all.

If you're behind this <>, Morton, this is a damn' childlish way to behave
for a "doctor".

(*) Ask me for URL

--- Michel Dussandier <>

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