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Date:  11 December 2000


We’ve just put a full TRANSCRIPT on the ngin website of  a PUBLIC MEETING on FARM-SCALE TRIALS of GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS held at BRISLEY VILLAGE HALL, NORFOLK in September 2000  at:

It’s a good read. The speakers were:

Luke Anderson, author and lecturer
Dr Jeremy Bartlett, background in plant genetics
Richard Powell, Novartis Seeds
Dr Mike May, Institute of Arable Crops Research

We previously excerpted some pointed exchanges between Drs May and Bartlett about science and spin.  Below are some of Luke Anderson’s very well-received contributions to the meeting.
Also to be found in the transcript is some interesting discussion of the winter use of glufosinate-ammonium (Liberty).
*  *  *
L Anderson:

[long applause]
* *
L Anderson: L Anderson: L Anderson: [applause]
* * *
L Anderson: [applause]

R Powell

L Anderson:       Who have gone GM free.

R Powell             Yes exactly…

[laughter & talking]

                            …no, no question of that.  Novartis, Novartis products are GM free.
                             Ovaltine      - GM free.
* * *
L Anderson:


R Powell
        Well, there’s nothing wrong with profit.  If the village shop doesn’t make a profit, it’s not

[audience talking]

Anon          I don’t think he was talking about profit, he was talking about greed.
* * *
L Anderson:

R Powell

        There is a DETR leaflet at  the back which will explain precisely what these trials are for.
* * *
L Anderson:

R Powell L Anderson: Who would extend what?

R Powell:

L Anderson: Yes, they’re willing to take direct action to make social changes.
* * *
L Anderson: * * *
L Anderson:
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