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27 February 2003




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1) GM crop action court dates
2) Outcome of court cases and appeals for donations for fines.


Court cases are a part of the action and a great opportunity to put GM on trial. It is essential for the sustainability of our work to support people who have taken a risk.  Please come along to watch and give your support at case hearings and, most importantly, at the actual trials.  If you want to attend any court hearings or trials please phone first (see each case for appropriate phone no. or call GEN 0845 456 9329) to check the date and time as they often get changed at the last minute.

21 February 2003 at Dingwall Magistrates Court, Rosshire: Trial of Jules, Jonny & Gwillyam charged with vandalism  for a Munlochy action. Phone: 01667 454554

3 and 4 March at Dingwall Magistrates Court, Rosshire: continuation of the trial of Pam, Rona, Nancy, Pete & Gavin charged with aggravated trespass for a Munlochy action.  Phone: 01667 452879.

6 & 7 March at Sherborne Magistrates Court, Dorset: trial of the knights of the Pink Castle for GM crop action. Accommodation is being organised for supporters.  Phone: 01803 840098.

12 March at Warrington Magistrates Court, Lancashire: hearing of nine charged with criminal damage at Lymm GM crop rally last July. Phone: 07762 098393

18 March at Cupar Sheriff Court in Fife: hearing of four people arrested at Newport GM crop rally last June.  Phone: 01382 543000.

31 March for 4 days at Chester Crown Court: jury trial of Yvonne and Rowan for the GM free Wales action in July 2001.  Accommodation is being organised for supporters. If you can offer accommodation or know anyone in or near Chester who might be willing to help with providing accommodation for supporters please get in touch. Phone: 0845 456 9327 or during week of trial 077 8609 4164.

3 April Public Meeting to mark the last day of the GM free Wales court trial: The Future of Food and Farming in Wales; to celebrate the resistance that has kept Wales GM free and explore the ways that people are producing eco-friendly healthy food in the local area. Speakers include spokespeople from the Farmers' Union of Wales; GM free Cyrmry; Friends of the Earth Cymry; and others.  Pub celebration afterwards.  7.30 pm at the Daniel Owen Centre in the centre of Mold near Chester.

17 April 2003 at Dingwall Magistrates Court, Rosshire: verdict of the trial of Donnie, Cat, Dan, Andrew & James charged with aggravated trespass for a Munlochy action.

Dig Deep, Pay Fines!

Below is information about the outcome of trials and how to support convicted activists with donations for fines.

On 24 October 2002 Simon, Iona, Gillian, Rory, and Tom were fined £150 each.  Thanks to all those who gave donations - their fines have now been covered.
In July 2002 Nellie was convicted for damaging GM oilseed rape at an Aberdeenshire farm.  She was fined #300 and was also ordered to pay #800 compensation. Please help Nellie to pay this off at £50 per month for the next 22 months. Send cheques made payable to: The Scottish Court Service Payment to be made to account number: 600405201 (in the name of Helena Beveridge).  Send them to Fines Office, Sheriff Court, Castle Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1WP.

On 26 July Tjitze and Chris, were two out of five found guilty of vandalism for a Munlochy GM crop action and were fined £150 each.*

Rona, Heather, Chloe and Steven were found guilty on 1 November 2002 for a Munlochy action. They were fined a total of #480.*

*To make a donation for the Munlochy groups' fines and expenses please make cheques payable to "GM Munlochy Support" and send to: Kate FitzGibbon, 10 Whiteinsch, KINLOSS, Moray IV36 3TS.

Eighteen months ago four people were convicted for blockading a Sainsbury depot for selling GM fed meat.  They were each fined #250 plus #200 costs and #75 compensation to the fire brigade.  Emma is now experiencing some hassle for not paying hers and donations are needed urgently: cheques to "Bluebell"; account no. 50728798; sort code 08-60-01; send to Unity Trust Bank; Nine Brindley Place; 4 Oozels Square; Birmingham; B1 2HB.

For any other information on court cases & fines, or if you need help with navigating court or paying a fine, please contact Rowan at GEN 0845 456 9329.



February 27, 2003
Anna Randell

A two-year ban on genetically modified crops in Tasmania has, according to the State Government, been extended for five years, in a move welcomed by the Tasmanian Greens but that has drawn criticism from some agricultural sectors.

Under the policy, field trials of non-food genetically modified crops including poppies will be allowed to continue.

Primary Industries, Water and Environment Minister Bryan Green was cited as saying the five-year extension of the moratorium followed a review of the Government's 2001 Gene Technology Policy, adding, "The Government has adopted a cautious and balanced approach to gene technology in the primary industry sector. Tasmania's reputation for its clean and wholesome foods is much deserved but has been hard-won and nothing should be allowed to threaten it."

Opposition primary industries spokesman Jeremy Rockliff was quoted as saying the decision was "overly cautious" adding that, "A three-year time frame would certainly have been more appropriate to allow greater flexibility for future opportunities."

Serv-Ag managing director and Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group chairman Mike Gow was cited as saying he was disappointed by the decision, adding, "This effectively shuts the door on any opportunities in terms of research or extensive crop production that might have occurred."

Mr Gow said he would like to see the State Government capitalise on its policy by better marketing Tasmania as GE-free.
"[Monsanto] is a company that has been optimistic on the borderline of lying," said Sergey Vasnetsov, senior analyst with Lehman Brothers in New York. "Monsanto has been feeding us these fantasies for two years, and when we saw they weren't real," its stock price fell.

"...those are the two big, bad bullies in the market [Monsanto and Syngenta], so they're going to slug it out," said Bill Johnson, a weed scientist with Purdue University." - Monsanto wants to sow a genetically modified future, By Rachel Melcer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 02/22/2003

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