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29 November 2002


Here are some comments on Dennis Avery we received from writer and researcher Hugh Warwick who's been covering the World Food and Farming Congress. Hugh told us, "I have heard so much about him - thought it must be an exaggeration .... but the reality was startling - as was the admiration with which he is held by suits". Below hugh's comments isour backgrounder on Avery over London.

1.Dennis Avery at the World Food and Farming Congress


1.Dennis Avery at the World Food and Farming Congress

The well known comedian Dennis Avery gave a fascinating and entertaining  presentation to around 200 men in grey suits at the World Food and Farming Congress on Tuesday 26th November. His show, called 'The conflict between the affluent consumers and the need of the majority', contained some hilarious jokes - unfortunately most of the audience seemed to think he was not joking - in fact most of the audience did not raise an eyebrow to such statements as:

"The US does not segregate biotech corn."

"The US has no non-biotech corn to offer."

"Eco-activists prefer Africans die rather than demonstrate safety of
biotech corn.'

"The activist stance on agricultural biotech is inhumane - it lacks  humanity, caring, kindness, compassion, concern for people and society - it is denying the third world equal lifespan and lifestyle choice and it is offering mainly weed-slavery in the hot sun."

"While moslem terrorists rage, US produces desalinating crops making  high-yield farming possible. 30,000 canola plants remove 360 kilos of salt per hectare. In a stroke we have made moslem agriculture sustainable. World food's irrigated 40% now sustainable."

And just in case you thought he was obsessed with only crops: "Africa  should not be forced in to vegetarianism."

The "activist elite", in trying for a complete ban on DDT is condemning 20 million people to die each year (mostly African children) from malaria.  Just when the audience could cope with no more he hit them with his best yet:

"After moslem attacks, activists sided with terrorists."

Activists went and formed "human shields for Arafat, leader in chief of the suicide bombers."

If you get a chance to see this man perform, I certainly recommend it -



Dennis Avery is in London to lead round table discussions on GM food aid at the US embassy on Monday the 25th of November, 2002 - an event boycotted by UK NGOs in disgust at such a role being given to someone like Avery in relation to such an important and sensitive issue. Avery's also speaking at the ferociously pro-GM World Food and Farming conference being held at Olympia on 25th and 26th November - tickets 1,000 pounds plus.
Avery's already been slagging off organic agriculture at a meeting of the British Crop Protection Council in London, claiming that, if widely adopted, it will lead to "an environmental catastrophe". Avery, whose work is supported by Monsanto, DuPont, Novartis, ConAgra, DowElanco and others who profit from the sale of products prohibited in organic production, also previously claimed organic farming will lead to mass starvation, and that it is more likely to poison you, giving rise to such newspaper headlines as "Organic food--'It's eight times more likely to kill you'" and "Organic food link to E. coli deaths."  - see:  'Dennis Avery: Big Daddy of the!'
Avery's claims on organic are so ludicrous that even Greg Conko of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the co-founder of AgBioWorld, has criticised his grasp of statistics. Conko told Avery on Prakash's pro-GM list, AgBioView, that the extreme selectivity of Avery's statistics on killer organics, "doesn't seem to be convincing anybody who doesn't already have a predilection to believe you in the first place".
In contrast to Avery, a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report concludes organic practices actually reduce the e-coli infection that causes food poisoning and they also reduce the levels of contaminants in foods.
With regard to feeding the world, Prof Jules Pretty of Essex University, an expert on farming in the Third World, has reported evidence from research in 20 countries on how more than 2 million families are farming successfully and sustainably with low inputs or fully organic systems and without GMOs. And this is often occurring in remote and resource-poor areas assumed incapable of producing food surpluses.
Londoners anxious to avoid any heightened risk of Avery-contamination during the period of the London Dennathon, can see multiple mug shots of the master statistician here:
for more on the organic attackers:

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