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31 January 2003


The British Medical Association, Press Release

see BBC online report the BMA is saying is totally inaccurate here:


For immediate release:  Friday 31 January 2003


Following reports on BBC Online and Radio 4 News today about the reasons   behind the BMA's forthcoming review of the science of genetically   modified (GM) crops and foods, Dr Vivienne Nathanson, Head of BMA Science   and Ethics, made the following statement:

"Today's BBC reports stating why the BMA would be undertaking a future   report of GM crops and food is wrong.

"The BMA's report from 1999 was an interim report reflecting the early   stage of scientific evidence reviewed.  A round table meeting with   scientists with knowledge of the developments in research and other parts   of the evidence base is planned for later this year.

"That meeting might lead to a new report from the BMA - a second Interim   statement - if the Board agrees there is sufficient new evidence to merit   such a report.  Obviously we cannot predict what any such report would   say.  To do so would make the concept of gathering and considering the   evidence nonsense.

"The claim that we have been persuaded by the organisation 'Sense about   Science' to review our policy is simply wrong.  We have informed Sense   about Science about our plans to review the science about this subject.

"The BBC also states that our planned review on GM crops is happening   because we have a new director of science - this is also totally   inaccurate."


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