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31 July 2002


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1. Conagra Resold Rejected Meat

ConAgra executives knowingly resold about 80 tons of meat in 2000 that South Korean customs agents had quarantined because they said it contained listeria, a potentially lethal bacteria...executives at one of the world's largest food conglomerates sold it to other countries with lower standards than South Korea's - including the United e-mails trace the worldwide journey of the beef...The first e-mail informing a ConAgra official about the listeria issue, dated May 15, 2000, was titled: "bacteria - THIS COULD BE A PROBLEM."..."Once the company knows the meat is contaminated, they should process it to make it safe before they sell it,"..."Otherwise they're attempting to get one over on their customers, and it puts consumers at risk."..."Sometimes you just do what's right, and companies don't seem to want to do that anymore."....
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2. EPA Told To Restore Whistle-Blower's Duties

The Labor Department has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to reinstate one of its former investigators to "ombudsman-related duties" after concluding that the EPA had barred him from such activities in retaliation for a series of complaints he made about the agency...determined that an EPA policy analyst "suffered a continuing pattern of discrimination" and that there was "no evidence of a valid reason for his removal from ombudsman support duties." Moreover, the agency said, "the complainant had been prohibitedfrom performing [those duties] in reprisal for performing a 'too effective job' in support of the Ombudsman Program."....
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3. MORE JUNK FROM THE JUNKMAN,2933,58760,00.html
PR Watch has exposed the antics of [former Monsanto lobbyist] Steven ("the Junkman") Milloy more times than we can stand to remember [see The Trashman Speweth: item 2 on the following page] as he flacks for the tobacco industry, speaks up for asbestos, and attacks environmentalists as "terrorists" and "fear profiteers." Nowadays he writes a column for Fox News, where he is helping publicize a PR stunt concocted by the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), an industry front group that is threatening to sue Whole Foods for baking bread which (like all bread) contains trace carcinogens that ACSH says are harmless. (Milloy and ACSH haven't always been this chummy. ACSH director Elizabeth Whelan, who disagrees with Milloy's defense of secondhand cigarette smoke, once accused him of "junking all science.")
SOURCE: Fox "News" Channel, July 26, 2002
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The APCO PR firm, which is currently representing WorldCom in its ongoing bankruptcy scandal, has hired Tim Croasdaile as a senior vice president. Croasdaile formerly chaired the National Investor Relations Institute's ethics committee. He should fit right in at APCO, which has worked previously to set up deceptive front groups for clients such as the tobacco industry and Russian robber baron Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
SOURCE: O'Dwyer's PR Daily, July 25, 2002
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The White House allegedly threatened a Judicial Watch process server with arrest while he was trying to provide legal notification of a lawsuit to Vice President Dick Cheney. The conservative organization Judicial Watch has brought a lawsuit against Cheney for fraudulent accounting practices at Halliburton Corporation while Cheney was the company's chief executive. AP reports Cheney's communications counselor Mary Matalin called Judicial Watch's announcement about the process server a "PR stunt," saying that the lawsuit should have been delivered to Cheney's private attorney, Terrence O'Donnell of the Washington law firm Williams & Connolly. But Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told Reuters, "You don't serve lawsuits on lawyers, you serve them on defendants." Judicial Watch says it has successfully served lawsuits on Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton while theywere in the White House.
SOURCE: Associated Press, July 26, 2002; Reuters, July 26, 2002
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