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Date:  11 March 2001


Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket Labour Party
 Chair: Eddie Dougall (01359 259648)


 'Country Matters' - Public Meeting on Tuesday 13th March

 The Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket CLP is organising an open and Participative
 public meeting called 'Country Matters' to discuss a wide range of  countryside issues - in particular Suffolk agriculture - in Botesdale  Village Hall on Tuesday 13th March starting at 7.30pm.

 Confirmed speakers include:
Mike Brundle, Senior St Edmundsbury Councillor, Independent Conservative
Alastair McCormack, Chairman, Suffolk NFU
John Mattissen, Green activist
Mark Ereira, Labour's Prospective parliamentary candidate, for Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket

Tory MP, David Ruffley, has also been invited but to date there has been no response.

The meeting, which will be chaired by Dr Tim Lodge (a local  Turfgrass Agronomist), is being held in Botesdale Village Hall on Tuesday  13th March 2001, starting at 7.30pm. This coming weekend all those living in  Botesdale and Rickinghall will receive a personal invitation to attend, but
 it is open to all with an interest in countryside issues.

 Commenting, Eddie Dougall, Constituency chairman:

 " The local Labour party is determined to organise open public meetings so  debate can take place on the great issues of the day. Farming is very  important to us and contributes greatly to the local rural economy. It faces  considerable challenges that all politicians need to address. I am
delighted  that we have managed to pull together such a varied and interesting panel  and I'd like to pay particular tribute to Alastair McCormack for agreeing to  attend during these difficult times for farmers".


 For further information contact Eddie Dougall on 01359 259648

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