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Date:  13 November 2000


Thanks to Hugh Warwick for this:
The British Association for the Advancement of Science is holding the following informal event:

Science: Can we afford to risk it?

Maddox Wine Bar,
Lower Ground Floor,
12-14 Maddox St, Off Regent St, London
(nearest tube Oxford Circus)
Wednesday 15/11/2000
>From 18:30

Mobile phones, BSE, rail travel, GM foods - we are constantly at risk but what should really concern us? If Government and scientists are not trusted to tell it straight who can we rely on? What should we really be doing to reduce our risk of accidents, illness or early death?

Leading scientist, Colin Blakemore will lead an informal discussion on science and risk over a pint of beer, glass of wine or cappuccino at the first ever Sci-Bar, organised by the BA. The Sci-Bar is open to anyone, there are no invitations and the evening is free except for what you spend on
drink or food. Air your views or just listen to others, it's your regular pub debate just on a larger scale.

Can you risk not joining in?

For more information contact:
the BA 020 7973 3078

Dr. Tim Foxon,
Environmental Policy and Management Group,
T.H. Huxley School,
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine,
48 Prince's Gardens,
London SW7 2PE, U.K.

Tel: (+44) (0)20 7594 9313
Fax: (+44) (0)20 7594 9334


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