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Hype, bluster and spin
by Jonathan Matthews
This article on GM food and its regulation was first published in the magazine Eastern Daily Press NORFOLK, July 1999

Breaking the chain
by Dr Michael Antoniou
Genetic engineering is a world apart from traditional plant breeding. It's use in food crops is unpredictable,
unstable and dangerous. This article was first published in LIVING EARTH, No.197 Jan-March 1998

Beyond "substantial equivalence"
by Erik Millstone, Eric Brunner and Sue Mayer
Substantial equivalence is a pseudo-scientific concept created primarily to provide an excuse for not requiring
biochemical or toxicological tests of GM foods.   This article was first published in Nature, October  7, 1999

GM Crops Have Failed
by Lim Li Ching and Jonathan Matthews
Documenting the failures of GM crops around the world: Lower yields /Reduced profits/More pesticides
This article was first published in ISIS NEWS, December 2001

Farmscale trials: Concerned? You should be.
by Dr Jeremy Bartlett
   A highly readable briefing on the UK's farmscale trials

Meacher Meets Scientists
report by Angela Ryan
Report on a Meeting of Molecular Biologists called by Michael Meacher
on March 31st 1999 which included among others Dr Michael Antoniou and Dr Mae-wan Ho

What is wrong with nature?
by Dr Ricarda Steinbrecher
Genetic engineers want to transform plants and animals into designed commodities, ignoring the many hazards.
This article, by a genetic scientist was first published in Resurgence, No.188 May/June 1998

Terminator Technology: the threat to world food security
by Dr Ricarda Steinbrecher and Pat Mooney.
How Terminator works and the extraordinary threat it poses in return for zero benefit to farmers and consumers.
The following article is taken from The Ecologist, Vol. 28, No 5. September/October 1998
"We've continued right on with work on the Technology Protection System [Terminator]. We never really slowed down.
We're on target, moving ahead to commercialize it. We never really backed off." - Harry Collins, Delta & PineLand Seed Co.

Genetic reductionism: an interview with Brian Goodwin
by Dr David King
The following interview with Professor Brian Goodwin, by the molecular biologist, Dr David King, is taken from
GenEthics News, Issue 11. March/April 1996, pp.6-8. Professor Brian Goodwin is the author of 'How the Leopard Changed Its Spots'

Horizontal gene transfer: a report
by Dr Mae-wan Ho
The following report by a geneticist and author of nearly 200 publications covering human biochemical genetics, molecular genetics, evolution,  biophysics, etc. was prepared for a 1999 court case involving the attempted destruction of a GM sugar beet trial in Ireland.

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