ngin - Norfolk Genetic Information Network

The NGIN news and research service was founded in the spring of 1998 to report on the global campaign of opposition to the imposition of genetic engineering.

NGIN has developed a particular focus on the ways in which hype, deception and spin are used to promote this technology.

Notable NGIN successes include the exposure of:

Monsanto's PR dirty tricks operations
the corporate take-over of independent science
the ways in which the biotech industry and its supporters manipulate the information provided to government, the media, farmers and the public

NGIN's investigative work is undertaken by a loose alliance of independent researchers co-ordinated by NGIN.

Among regular NGINeers

Jonathan Matthews: editor of the NGIN website and of NGIN's daily e-mail list

Claire Robinson: researcher, archivist and editor of GMWATCH

Andy Rees: editor of NGIN's The Weekly Watch - a weekly roundup of news and views on the global GM debate

Nick Jackson: NGIN accounts.

NGIN welcomes financial support from individuals, small businesses and non-profit groups and foundations.