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17 December 2000:
GM food safety? - More on peer reviewed papers
GEN 12-17 from Richard Wolfson
15 December 2000:
Scientists:  Nobody knows GM risks
14 December 2000:
Human cloning - write to the national press
Dr Roger Morton - The Calvanists are coming!
Corporate power - George Monbiot interview
US relax gene therapy rules
Greenpeace likely to block more vessels as it targets animal feed sector
A wonderful weed and some less wonderful hype
13 December 2000:
Monsanto threatens Argentina/EU close to GM crop law agreement
Biosafety protocol talks
Golden Rice tech transfer
British Medical Journal critique of SIRC 'media initiative'
12 December 2000:
Dear Mr Glickman (re organic food data)/Holiday gift to Kellogg's
Response to Watson comments
Golden Rice - questions and answers
US women - 60% would not give GM food to their children
Soya importer goes GM free following Greenpeace protest
Scientists gang up on organics - New Statesman
11 December 2000:
UK Medical Research Council acknowledges GM food risks
RoundUp Ready Beans and increasing herbicide use
Greenpeace block French GE imports as biosafety protocol meeting begins
Luke Anderson at public meeting
Which Christmas turkeys are GM free?
10 December 2000:
'Strange fruit' - Jules Petty on sustainable agriculture
Ban/inspect/picket/label/list - as GMOs go round globe
9 December 2000:
'An outrage' - EPA on Monsanto/Aventis plans in India etc
More on Monsanto's 'Golden Mustard'
Deadly GM chemical - warning at Edinburgh Court case
'No more GM crops on this farm - ever'
8 December 2000:
A retraction for Greenpeace and other excerpts from ABiasedView
Greenpeace welcome NFU Canada call for moratorium on GM crops
TechnoEugenics e-mail Newsletter#13
Australia's GM deal 'a disaster'/Eastern Europe
Pro-GE crooks + a troll
Stealth genes and recouping industry's investment
George Monbiot's new book - Captive State
Xeno - Imutran update/Gene therapy lawsuit
7 December 2000:
Brazil and GM chicken feed/US organic standards - Glickman
Best practice in GM crop design - ISIS answer ACRE
No Clone Zone and other New Scientist items
REAL FOOD - FoE news update
Xeno News
PANTS  ON  FIRE  - October's winner!
Terminator recombinase scrambles genomes - confirmed
6 December 2000:
SPLICE on biotech rats leaving sinking ship
Lotsa GM shorts
Greenpeace allegations
NVDA trauma casualties and how to avoid them
Letter on embryo cloning
Indians used as guinea pigs/More on Canadian NFU moratorium call/Terminator in UK
Islamic views on GE
5 December 2000:
Monsanto encourages organic attacks
"Wholly positive motives" for GM crop destruction
Fascinating Pusztai interview
China joins debate over GM foods
Terminator crops at large
GM crop pullers with "positive motives" convicted
Greenpeace block GM bean shipment
US Group urges caution/Monsanto's new contracts
4 December 2000:
MPs astonished by secret GM sites/UK Govt fails to implement EU law?
3 December 2000:
Gene therapy without the caveats
Alternatives to biotech in Africa
Public denied fair say in New Zealand
Potrykus on "Golden Rice"
Gene therapy in the womb
2 December 2000:
EPA knew about StarLink problems two years ago
Corporate missionaries target the South
Farmer delegates from South say big NO to GE
1 December 2000
Bonemeal out - GMOs in?
GM shorts
Another UK council moves against GM crops
Guardian on 'contrite' Monsanto
USDA Research supports harm to Monarch fears
Government's blind eye to GM in India

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