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30 April 2003

28 April 2003

27 April 2003

26 April 2003

25 April 2003

24 April 2003

21 April 2003

20 April 2003

19 April 2003

18 April 2003

17 April 2003

16 April 2003

15 April 2003

14 April 2003

13 April 2003

12 April 2003

11 April 2003

10 April 2003
German GM wheat trials approved but site sabotaged
Lord May in the Guardian - Moment of truth?
Vermont Senate passes GMO seed labeling and registration
Call to action/Oz: GM fears growing among farmers
9 April 2003
UK OKs Syngenta application for new GM wheat trial/Agribiz takes  most seats on USDA biotech panel
GM jury challenges FSA panel on labelling
The famine that wasn't
Oz Bending Over for Overseas Interests
Tudge vs TT and Leaver
4 April 2003
Disarm IRRI/Trade war looms over Iraq aid/Fax Brazil
GM Aid and War/Iraq’s bread basket stands to be ruined by war
GMWATCH number 8
3 April 2003
Stranded? Agbio at the crossroads
Colombia legal action vs biosafety of Bt cotton
Minister "buying" Labour and corrupting political process
CSIRO clinches Bayer CropScience alliance
UK news - So what can I do?
How many children, in how many classrooms...
2 April 2003
Protests build against GM around the world/Cornwall goes GM free
Terminator Technology and Exorcist Technology: New issues and old controversies
US farmers face disaster over GM crops/GM more important than  missiles/US food aid still under cloud/Bayer moving into GM marketing
Farmers reject plan to release GM canola/Protestors call for halt to tests of GE crops/Demonstrators rally in Winnipeg outside Monsanto offices
1 April 2003
Blair's 'debt' to Sainsbury increases/FSA jury live/Welsh GM trial
FSA url/Majority of people around the world don't want to eat GM food

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