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14 March 2001:
Dr Pusztai to Dr Powell
Pusztai versus Trewavas
An Indian farmer's response to 'Golden' rice
Unilever goes all organic in UK!
Kellogg recall Morningstar products - StarLink contaminated
American Corn Growers say GMO policy threatens farmers & rural economy
That old and other scurrilous nonsense
13 March 2001:
Doctors criticise GM food report
RAFI:  New GM Terminator patent for Syngenta
Farmer calls Monsanto threat 'a bluff'
Parkinsons 'miracle cure' turns into catastrophe
Response to NFU re no GM insurance
"Take great care in GM crop research"/News from Norfolk
Monsanto testing Bt corn in Philippines
12 March 2001:
Swiss find GMOs in organic animal feed
Soil Association:  organic farms at risk from new GM trials
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
Organic is not just a fashion
Corruption of scientific integrity?  1-day conference in May
NFU's 'betrayal of British farmers'
Human genetics - insurance tests/Lee Silver/cloning
11 March 2001
India:  Corporatisation of agriculture disastrous
Blair on Biotechnology
NFU policy:  no insurance for GM
Genetic pollution threat to consumers' right to choose non-GM
GM fly kills its own
10 March 2001:
Brazil:  2000 women blockade supermarket in GE food protest
Scientists create unnatural-born killer moth
Monsanto on Africa's new winner (non GM) rice
EU to crack down on biotech food/more on Morningstar contamination
Agriculture crisis - European press
Human cloning to begin "within weeks"
Czech protests against Tesco's GM food
9 March 2001:
Nabisco recall product - unlabelled GM ingredients
Genetic engineering problems known about for a quarter of a century
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
View from the South - effects of globalization on Third World
GM corn pushes prices to lowest levels in 15 years
Cloning Jesus & other problems
Kellogg's StarLink corn dogs/Greenpeace statement/possible products in Europe
Indonesia's environment ministry opposes GM crops
28 year low predicted for US soy price

8 March 2001:
Capital's sacrificial lambs - Naomi Klein on Foot and Mouth/agriculture
GE not precise - not a technology
MASIPAG reports:  promoters of gene technology/Golden rice
Corruption of science - PSRAST report
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
Greenpeace:  is the baby food you buy really non-GM?
Secrecy, GM trials and midleading DETR headlines?
Legitimising genetic engineering
Alternatives to Genetic Modification - New York Times
Kellog's product contaminated by StarLink
Big problems with human and animal cloning
7 March 2001:
Cheap food - the real price
Tony Blair - Green at heart? - Geoffrey Lean
Haskin's Pigswill - again!
Mary Shelley, Galileo, Prof Stott & flights of fancy
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
6 March 2001:
GM Debate in Norfolk/Lincolnshire council oppose new GM trials
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
US:  Transgenic threats to family farmers
Genetically Engineered Super-viruses - ISIS Report
French court orders publication of GM crop sites
More on the future of agriculture
UN Food & Agriculture Organisation:  organic farming can reduce hunger
Foot & Mouth - great article from The Independent on Sunday
5 March 2001:
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
Italy:  GM protesters break into farm lab/Milan McDonalds GM protest
'Golden rice':  New York Times on The Great Yellow Hype
Stott's Rot - more from Professor Phil
4 March 2001:
Royal Society's millions from big business
Biotech rice loses glow as vitamin A source
Cloning looms as an economic reality
GE-free Tasmania - the latest
3 March 2001:
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
Comments on FSA Seed Purity meeting
Scientists muzzled at Health Canada
Pusztai urges more GM action
GMO debate will 'only grow more heated'
Scotland:  Fury at new GM trials
GE-free zones worldwide - update from GENET
2 March 2001:
StarLink gets worse:  traders fret and new seed contamination
New Zealand:  Maori want right of veto over GMOs
New biotech TV ads campaign in Washington DC
Daily Brief - today's headlines from the biotech food debate
The promise of Plant Biotechnology/PSRAST website up again
Foot & Mouth Disease:  Lessons and implications
SchNews on Foot & Mouth and corporate agriculture
Can organic farming feed the world?
Genome impact:  limited short-term - unpredictable long-term
Australia:  Grain groupp say GM-free 'impossible'
1 March 2001:
GE creates novel devastating pathogens
Daily Brief - today's headlines from biotech food debate
Stott/ngin - The Correspondence
Go-ahead for GM test sites sparks fury
Tasmania:  GM volunteers crop up despite ban
More on Canadian Royal Society's GMO report
Pusztai banned from Scottish science festival over 'thick accent'
Blair advisor Haskins blasts organics

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